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Should Dunta Robinson Get More Than A Fine?
by: Frieght Train

 So as we recall last night, Dunta Robinson hit Jeremy Maclin in the head by launching himself into Maclin and all he got was a 40,000 dollar fine. I think he should be suspended, i mean you should only get 2 strikes when it comes to player safety and he got his first one b6y hitting Desean Jackson in the head, same team! So Dunta Robinson plays dirty and he hates philly. But then again i think it may be to early to suspend a player, it's only week 2. But overall he should be suspended, you need to be concerned of player safety, people get screwed up from this game because they don't consider safety first. If Dunta Robinson did this again and im the comish, i would definetly suspend this guy for at least 6 games, or even suspend him for a whole season, but we'll see if Dunta finally learns.

News On Jeremy Maclin
By: Freight Train

 Jeremy Maclin last year lost about ten pounds and was feeling weak. The doctors said he had symptoms of lymphoma, lymphoma is a type of cancer, fortunatly for Jeremy Maclin his test came out negative and now he may join the team just in time for the eagles opening season game against the St. Louis Rams.

Dream Team In Philly?
By: Freight Train

 Some people are saying that this team is gonna be exactly like the Heat and that the Eagles will once again blow it when they get a chance to win their first superbowl. Do i think that this will happen? there is always the possibility it could, but in this situation i think the Eagles are right where they want to be. Lets take a look of there past failures; they had the playoff game against the cowboys a few years back in 2009 and blew it there because of their defense, They blew the 2004 Superbowl cause of Donovan's poor decision with the ball throwing a late interception, they lost the 2008 NFC championship game to the Cards and gave up 21 completions (9 of which was to Larry Fitzgerald who had 152 yards that game) and 4 td passes from Kurt Warner. The Eagles past failures were not only their defense but there quarter back too, and as of 2011 they have changed all those things. Starting with Mike Vick who did not throw one pic until week 11, and as for their past failures it was because they had such a young team that they just simply blew it. Now they get guys like Nnamdi, Babin, and Brown all of whom are veterans and good leaders for the team. I think this may be a different ending of the season to the Eagles if they can stay healthy and play as a team, and so far they are looking like a team escpecially on the defense (where they made so many changes) and if they do that in the regular season and Mike Vick can be consistent i think they may very well have a great team on hands, a dream team.


NFL Future Predictions
By: Freight Train

1. Patriots   13-3
2. Jets 12-4 
3. Dolphins 4-12
4. Bills 2-14

1. Steelers 12-4
2. Ravens 11-5
3. Browns 6-10
4. Bengals 3-13

1. Colts 11-5
2. Texans 10-6
3. Titans 6-10
4. Jaguars 4-12

1. Chargers 14-2

2. Chiefs 8-8
3. Broncos 6-10
4. Raiders 4-12

1. Eagles 14-2
2. Giants 9-7
3. Cowboys 7-9
4. Redskins 3-13

1. Packers 14-2
2. Lions 10-6
3. Bears 8-8
4. Vikings 4-12

1. Saints 12-4
2. Falcons 11-5
3. Bucs 8-8
4. Panthers 4-12

1. Cardinals 9-7
2. Seahawks 7-9
3. Rams 6-10
4. 49ers 4-12

The NFL Lockout was lifted a few hours ago when the NFLPA Executives, and 32 Player Representatives voted on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for ten years.

Just a few hours ago, the National Football League Lockout was lifted when the National Football League Players' Association Executives, and thirty-two Player Representatives voted on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for ten years, with a possible tweak or two of some minor advances made in the new deal. This deal seems very strong and sustainable because of enhancing the protection of injured players. Now, during this week, teams can start signing their draft picks; unrestricted free agents; free agents; start trading with other teams; and go to their facilities to practice in a short -- but, hopefully just enough -- time.

The latest NFL Lockout developments: The NFLPA (National Football League Players' Association) did not vote on Thursday, nor did they vote on friday on the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), and probably won't sign it until Monday, with Training Camps opening on Wednesday.
By: Jeff 7/23/11

The National Football League Players' Association did not vote on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Thursday, nor did they last night because of mis-interpreted communication between them, and the owners. The players felt like they have been "dooped," as one player said via twitter, and now, they are comtemplating on tweaking and altering the advances made on the new deal, which will be in account for ten years. They felt like they have been dooped because they wren't told of the deal prior to the owners signing it. But, from one owner -- and probably many owners as well -- thought that the players knew of it, and it was a done deal. The Players do want to get it done, but it will just take several more hours before they sign the new, tweaked and altered deal of minor things because this is a ten-year deal; it's not only for making football come back, it's also making the right decision so they know how to maintain that. None the less, we've waited maor than one-hundred days so we can wait 'til monday to get a strong, sustainable deal tweaked, altered, and done.

When Free Agency finally opens up, which teams will snag whom?
By: Jeff 7/23/11

When the Free-agents market finally opens up again, I wanted to talk about one player in particular -- Plaxico Burress -- because of which team will benefit from him the most, and if he will transition to that offense. Plaxico Burress has missed a long stretch of football and training so when he comes back, he'll have to make a slowly progressive transition to whatever form of offense; the three likely candidates to retrieve Plaxico Burress will probably be The Philadelphia Eagles, The Detroit Lions, and The Chicago Bears. Out of all of these teams -- in my opinion -- Plaxico Burress will still contribute. But, the only difference of all three of these teams is who he'll transtition the quickest in -- and I am here to talk about that:
The Chicago Bears:
Yes, I've heard from my co-worker about Mike Martz, but -- in my opinion -- I still think he could do just fine in this offense. Yes, my co-worker said that Mike Martz's playstyle won't work with Plaxico Burress, but here's my depiction on that: Mike Martz likes slants and corners which are "precise" incriments, but look at Devin Hester -- he's good with short- and medium-to-short-length throws -- with a few mishaps in route running from time-to-time -- but he still has some trouble with what Plaxico Burress can succeed in with Jay Cutler's arm when doing a long route. While Johnny Knox and Greg Olsen have gotten some long throws, Plaxico Burress has good hands. Yes, he isn't very fast, but he has good enough length for Jay Cutler to throw to -- He could accomodate for Jay Cutler's hard-throwing tosses, and he could compensate for The Chicago Bears' lack of consistent, efficient wide-outs. But, it's The Chicago Bears' choice. But -- in my opinion -- he could still transtion into that offense with training.
The Detroit Lions:
Yes, they have good efficient wide-outs for Matthew Stafford, but he could still fit into this offense, and more weapons couldn't hurt for a Detroit Lions team, whom is trying to make their first playoff appearance in several years. With accomodations from Calvin Johnson Jr., and etc., Plaxico Burress could make another threat in the red zone, which could possibly help The Detroit Lions this season -- once The NFLPA signs the new ten-year CBA.
The Philadelphia Eagles:
This is probably where he'll end up because he's seen this offense, and he fits in it. With alreasy the talents of the high-powered Philadelphia Eagles, Plaxico will just be another weapon, who can fit in this offense gradually, and who can be a threat in the red zone when there are many other weapons to account and accomodate for in this team.

NFL Lockout
By: Freight Train

 The NFL owners are supposed to pass a deal tomorrow here is an example of one of the things on the deal, if you are a NFL player and you get cut the team does not have to pay you money. (your like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady) I honestly don't like that deal expecially if i am a NFL player. If the lockout ends on 7/21/11 then free agency will open up for all the teams on 7/25/11. Also, the Hall of Fame Game for this year will most expectedly be canceled.

Which NFC West team will retrieve Kevin Kolb, and which one will benefit most from him once the lockout reaches its long-awaited conclusion?
By: Jeff 7/18/11

Since Kevin Kolb will not be wearing a Philadelphia Eagles' jersey once the lockout ends, which team will he depart to? Well, the most likely conclusion will be either the San Francisco 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks, or the Arizona Cardinals. All of these teams need a prominent quarterback, and once they get one, they could win the division easily. But, which of these teams needs him the most, and which of these teams would benefit from his skills the most? Well, let's take a look, shall we?
The Arizona Cardinals:
The Arizona Cardinals lost Kurt Warner -- a quarterback that led them to their first superbowl -- due to retirement. And -- because of that -- they acquired Derek Anderson, who had a very good and surprising year with The Cleveland Browns a few years prior when they had many offensive weapons. And, with Larry Fitzgerald being one of the best wide-outs in The League, it seems like they could do well if Derek Anderson does well. But, that didn't happen: Derek Anderson forced balls into tight holes; he was terrible with the snap-count; and he couldn't drive down the field well enough with the type of play progressions The Arizona Cardinals run. And, in The Draft, The Arizona Cardinals withelded themselves from drafting a quarterback because they need a prominent veteran to hold that postion with the type of key players they obtain. If their defense improves, and if they get Kevin Kolb, The Arizona Cardinals could be back in The Playoffs. But, they can't just focus on Kevin Kolb because their pass defense needs to be heavely improved because they do play zone a lot.
The Seattle Seahawks:
The Seattle Seahawks made it to The National Football League Playoffs with a 7-9 record by just snipping out a win
against The Saint Louis Rams. The Seattle Seahawks' defense let go many points in their losses, but they still made it due to the weakness of the division. Matt Hasselback isn't what he used to be when they made it to The Superbowl against The Pittsburgh Steelers; that's why they could use a new quarterback to really take the division, but -- in my mind/opinion -- I don't know if they will get him because of The San Francisco 49ers' needs, and The Arizona Cardinals' needs. But, you never know once the lockout comes to its long-awaited conclusion.
The San Francisco 49ers:
The San Francisco 49ers had a very dissapointing drought last year, but their fans still thought they could've won the division because -- once again -- of its weaknesses. The San Francisco 49ers have a good team -- in my mind -- but they don't capitilize when it matters the most. What they probably need is a new, prominent quarterback because Alex Smith has't had the most success. If they do get him -- and they will obviously try -- they could win the division easily, and possibly get close in The National Football League Wild Card Game.
So, in conclusion, they could all benefit, but really, The San Francisco 49ers could do the best with him; it could help boost The Arizona Cardinals back to The Playoffs; and it could help The Seattle Seahawks' offensive game if Matt Hasselback doesn't get back into what he used to be.

Plaxico to Chicago?
Freight Train 7/15/2011

 Plaxico stated in a radio conversation that the Bears are in his top 3 teams he wishes to be on, but is Plaxico Burress one of the top 3 receivers on the Bears list. The answer to what i heard and think is, no, Plaxico doesn't fit Mike Martz playstyle and he got in trouble with the law, so i don't think the Bears really want to deal with him. But the Eagles express big intrest in him and he also expresses intrest in them too. So Plaxico get ready to join the Eagles in Philly, unless something happens.

Lesean McCoy taking shots at Umenyoria

By: Freight Train

 Lesean McCoy took shots at Osi Umenyoria on Twitter calling him, 
"soft, overrated and the third best lineman on the Giants". What I think about this situation is the internet is causing so much more problems, around sports in particular. I think that this was unnecessary, but perhaps true. Osi is NOT overrated though he's exactly were he is supposed to be, as for the soft part, he is. When the Giants faced the Eagles, Osi was a nonfactor, and to make what he's going through with the Giants manager sound as if he might not live if he doesn't get traded, that is pathetic. Still either way McCoy shouldn't have said what he said. My theory is that, the lockdown is getting to all of the players.

Chad Ochocinco Thinks Pryor is a good QB And Is Talking About The Bears

By: Freight Train

 Chad Ochocinco was taking throws from Terrelle Pryor and said that he has a strong arm and nice timing and that he could be a star in the NFL with the right coaching. I don't really believe Terelle Pryor can be a superstar but he can make it in this league, mostly as a backup. The NFL is much different than college it's alot harder to get around the corners and make nice throws with plenty of time in the pocket. Another thing Ochocinco said was he can't wait to take throws with Jay Cutler and would love to become a Bear. My take  on this is that he's not coming to the Bears weather it would be the Bears not wanting him (which they may not) or the Bengals not wanting to give him up in his last year, which i think the Bengals will try to dump him off somewhere since they got new wideout AJ Green. Will see what happens if the lockout ever comes to an end.


Umenyoria Talking Back, Smith Getting In On The Action?

By: Freight Train

 As you know McCoy said some unnecesary things to Osi a couple days ago, and now Osi is responding back by calling McCoy, a girl, Twitter gangsta, and little Chiuahuah or poodle thing in the backfield. As far as i'm concerned Lesean McCoy isn't shrimpy and annoying like any of those dogs, Lesean McCoy is a better player than Osi Umenyoria.
Now Osi is starting to make threats saying stuff like, say it to my face see what happens, and also, I'll find away to get back at him. Osi, let him be if he want's to call you out like that just ignore him he doesn't know what he's saying, Osi your a veteran profesional football player for heavensakes don't try to act like a tough guy and just settle down. Also wideout for the Giants Steve Smith is getting in on this too saying, the Giants are better than the Eagles they won a championship even though the Eagles have been beating them the last 4 - 5 years.
C'mon, you guys are pros not hoe's, settle down. You know my take on this is basically Osi is making to big of a deal out of nothing, he just may be what McCoy say's he is. But you just can't be doing this it's unaxceptable. As for Steve Smith it's only a matter of time till the Eagles take a championship ring home, they got a great young team, they'll win it soon. But the Giants did win the Superbowl to beat the Pats.