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Will Lebron James ever win an NBA Championship?
By: Jeff Bullock/ 06/14/11

Lebron James, who was characterized as a self-proclaimed, self-absorbed king; a traitor; and a quiter after making his infamous decision almost a year to the date, is now getting more names after losing in six games to the Dallas Mavericks because of his hatred from many fans and his fourth-quarter performances: like for example, LeChoke. But, another thing with this loss strikes up the conversation if Lebron James will ever achieve his ultimate goal that he has come to Miami for -- An NBA Championship Title. Will he ever win one? Well, I do think Lebron James will win an NBA Championship Title, but he is not going to win six or seven -- I would be very, very surprised if he did win six or seven. In my mind, I think he'll win two championships, but I wouldn't be surprised if he only won one Championship.

Will Lebron James ever win an NBA Championship?
By: Freight Train 6/15/11

  You know it is hard to say he will but yet it is hard to say he won't. My take on it is he will win one NBA title with the Heat. Lebron has shown a history in not coming up big when the team needs him the most, it' almost like he doesn't try because he's to scared to screw up. Another problem with Lebron is his ego. He thinks he's th best and no one will top him and that's how he played in Cleveland and that's how he played with his highschool team, he used them. Now he has to make a transition to the Heat were not only do they expect to win it all they have three top players in the league they have to win it all. Also you can't mock Dirk Nowitzki you are a pro ball player for heaven sakes you just can't do that to a future hall of famer especially when you probably aren't gonna be one yourself, come on Lebron. But if Lebron doesn't man up and get rid of that ego of his he's gonna have a rough time the rest of his carreer.

Jimmer Fredette

By: Freight Train

  Since the NBA Draft is tomorrow I think that Jimmer Fredette will get taken in the first round, 13th pick by the suns. This is because he can't play D but he can shoot and the suns need a Shooting Guard because Vince Crater isn't doing the job and he's getting a little old. Also as you know big name college players don't always get taken right away just look at Mark Ingram he got taken like 26th by the Saints in the NFL draft so I think Jimmer Fredette will be Jimmering his way over to Pheonix.