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Is the All Star Game Really an All Star game?
By: Freight Train

  So as you know the All Star Game for the MLB is a fan ballot, and is sponsered by Gilette. Mlb is trying to rake in as much money as they can and this is one reason of how they do it. When the fans vote i believe the votes aren't always acurate an example is, Paul Konerko, he was having a great season and he was named to the All Star Team as a last resort since a few players couldn't show up. Because the fans voted Konerko almost missed the All Star Game when the All Star Game is ment to be for All Stars! Also I don't think the All Star Game should decide who has home field advantage. I believe the team with the best record should get home field advantage, to me that makes the most sense. You shouldn't have guys from the Astros or teams that are out of the World Series fighting for home field advatage when they got the worst record in baseball. Also, another dumb thing i don't like is that fans can vote 25 times each, that just leads to what ever team has the most fans the more players from that team will make it in, not the best. I think MLB should forget about the money for once and have the All Star Game like it is ment to be, a bunch of the leagues best players having fun trying to out best each other to see who is the better Division, (American League or National League) that to me is what keeps the guys having fun and wanting to play, not for MLB's extra pay that doesn't get half the guys in the All Star Game! Or home field advantage in the World Series when guys from the Orioles will be playing in the game! Or have fans voting for there favorite players and end up with 7 of them as All Star Game starters! (1957 Reds)

  Overall i would love to see changes in the All Star game, just to see guys come back and have fun that is an All Star Game.

The importance of basic, essential baseball fundamentals, and the use of young prospects.
By: Jeff 7/21/11

Now, since we're a little bit past the halfway point in this year's baseball season, I think was thinking about the basic, on-going things teams should do, and what teams who don't have a whole lot of playoff aspirations should do: What teams with playoff aspirations should do:
In this time of year, it's good to have a solid bullpen -- as of many years ago the bullpen wasn't used -- and to make sure you give them enough practice pitches to get used to coming into a game in the middle of it all. Because -- in my mind -- it's difficult when you're coming in the game in the middle because it's like coming into a movie  right before it reaches its climax. When you're batting, you should show patience and bring up the count to, obviously, get the pitcher's count up, and if on a 3-2 count, the pitcher will -- most likely -- throw a fastball high. Those are basic fundamentals of the game itself, but if you really want to make a run to the playoffs, you -- as easier said than done -- need to come out in each series with at least two wins in a three-game series, and three wins in a four-game series. Because if you do, you can get out on top of at least a couple games of each team if you're really fighting.
What teams with no playoff aspirations should do:
Basically, all I could say is that they should work with their younger prospects to, hopefully, see what they can contribute, and to get them some playing time. It's worked before -- as an example, Darwin Barney, who is on The Chicago Cubs was put in, and now, he's one of their top contributors. Also, what both good and struggling teams should do is try to make a trading deal before the trade deadline is near to get good prospects, and get players to maintain, and fix holes you may need if you want to make a good run in The Post-season.

This year's baseball implication has me woundering about who is to blame.
By: Jeff 7/13/11

Another horrific incident almost occured at the Home Run Derby on Monday evening -- a fan almost fell from the stands. This new implication has got me woundering about how the stadiums are built. The incident with Shannon Stone was a really terrible tradgedy, but with the incident that transpired last year when someone fell and got injured at a Texas Rangers' game, they should have re-newed the railings so it wouldn't happen again. But, the near-scare at the Home Run Derby seems like it is different because, first of all, the ball wasn't that close for grasp, and by the video, it seemed like he was in a bad postition already by just standing on top of the counter where you would put your beverages. But, this should still be put into review.

Derek Jeter Reaches 3000!

By: Freight Train

   Derek Jeter reached the 3000 club today by hitting a bomb to left field against Rays pitcher David Price. I think it is about time, first he got injured which held him 6 away for a while. Then yesterday the game was cancelled and all he neede were 5 hits, and finally he got 5 hits today. Derek Jeter had an impressive 5 for 5 with 2 rbi's and a homerun on his milestone day. If Derek Jeter remains in this shape for 3 maybe even 2 more years he can have the most hits of all time record! Let's go DJ!

Fan dies at a Texas Rangers' game
By: Jeff 7/8/11

When you go to a baseball game to spend some quality sime with your son -- a time that will make you have a better connection with each other -- you don't except things to take a turn for the worst. This day, which was supposed to be filled with a lot of memories, was implemented with the worst thing that could happen at a place to pass time and have fun -- the worst tradgedy of all in life: losing someone.
After Josh Hamilton caught a ball to record an out, he threw it to the stands. But, when the Firefighter, Shannon Stone, was going to retrieve it, he fell. And, was later presumed dead.
This is a tradgedy you never want to see anywhere around the world. Everyone's thoughts should be to his family on the horrific news.

Jose Bautista

by: Freight Train

 As you know the Allstar game is nearing and Jose Bautista is obviously gone be playing in it with 22 homeruns already. Jose Bautista is doing everything he can to keep the Blue jays in the playoff hunt and if they were in a easier division they would probably make the playoffs. He is gonna be a startet in the allstar game tuesday and a homerun derby contendor. I think he will take the homerun derby singl handedly, no contest. This is a great young star, let's see if the Blue Jays start coming around.

Riggleman Leaves Nationals

By: Freight Train

 Jim Riggleman quit his job as manager of the Nationals in a game  against Seattle, Nats won 1-0. He stepped down in a middle of a 11 wins out of the last 12 game win streak. He left the team because the owner, Mike Rizzo wouldn't discuss a new contract with him for 2012. I think Jim Riggleman did the right thing leave now while the team is hot so when they go to Chicago the streak will end, kidding, i hate the Whitesox. But all jokes aside he should of just waited to the end of the year.

Trevor Gretzky

By: Freight Train

 To be honest i don't know how this guy is gonna pan out, but by looking at his stats from highschool he was pretty good. In his junior year his batting average was .341 with 2 homeruns and 33 rbi's. If Trevor doesn't sign with the Cubs then he is going to go to San Diego State. I think he will do alright, he'll be a solid player. I just hope the Cubs didn't sign him just because he's Wayne Gretzky's son, considering the fact that there trying to rebuild their team.